Praise for What We Can't Tell You

Teenagers Talk to the Adults in Their Lives

"Finally, homework for parents! This wise book guides parents in what to ask teenagers—and if the teenagers don't respond, it tells what their answers would be."—Lynn Ponton, M.D., adolescent psychiatrist and author

"Timely and so needed! Kathleen Cushman and her young teen confidantes reveal much that will fascinate, reassure, surprise, and above all teach mothers and fathers things they need to learn. The teens in these pages confess much of what transpires silently in the head of your own lumbering teen glued to the couch, or your quiet or hormonal teen glued to her IM screen. This book taps youth who are not from privileged lifestyles, voices rarely given the stage. Don't miss the 'homework for adults' feature, especially "Let's Make a Deal," which underscores how parenting teenagers is a joint venture, not a dictatorship. Teens are precious, something we forget, and something this book brings home."—Margaret Sagarese, co-author of The Roller-Coaster Years, Good Parents/Tough Times

"This book is a rare gift to those who genuinely care about the well-being of our children, all of our children. Parents, teachers, and just plain adults would do well to listen to these young men and women, if the creation of a truly humane society is still our goal."—Thomas J. Cottle, author, television and radio host, and professor of education, Boston University

"A wonderful book. Having worked with thousands of young men and their parents, I value 'What We Can't Tell You' for letting us know the sincerity, love, and concern our young people feel...every day."—Mitch DeArmon, Director, Leadership Works

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“Read every word of What We Can’t Tell You, as I did, and you’ll get to know these articulate teens by name. Consult it often, and you’ll become an accomplished and empathetic mentor.”
– Cathi Dunn MacRae,
Voices of Youth Advocates